Download the Action Pack here: Alleviating Loneliness: Link Together Pack

This meeting calls on every WI and the NFWI to work alongside health and social care providers and their local communities to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness, thus ensuring better identification of lonely people in order to be able to offer them the appropriate support and assistance.

North Cave WI, East Yorkshire Federation

Alleviating Loneliness

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The Great Get Together 2018

Supporting the Jo Cox Campaign to Alleviate Loneliness


In June 2017, the Jo Cox Campaign held the biggest neighbourhood celebrations since the Jubilee street parties. Due to its great success, The Great Get Together will be happening again, in 2018.

We would like our WIs to get together with their neighbours and friends to share food and celebrate all that we hold in common. It could be a street party or a shared barbecue, a picnic or a bake off. What matters is that we have fun and bring communities closer together.

Whatever you decide to do, do let us know by dropping an email with the details, and any digital photographs, to

Here’s one their latest resources, The Missing Million, for your reference:

The Missing Million Report