Full membership of the WI means that you pay your subscription to your chosen WI. The subscription for 2018 is £41.00 and within this fee you will receive copies of our national magazine WI Life (8 copies per year).  Our year runs from January to December irrespective of when you join. 

If you wish to visit another WI you will then have to pay a visitors fee.

Of this, £20 is kept by your WI, £9.30 will go to Federation and £11.70 to NFWI.


Should you wish to join more than one WI,  you would, for the current year pay £20.00 as Affiliation fees for National and Essex Federation are only paid once a year i.e. to your Primary WI.


If you are a brand-new member, or returning after a 10 year absence, then depending on the month you join, you may pay pro-rata:

1st Jan – 31st March – full fee, £41.00

1st April – 30th June – £30.75

1st July – 30th Sept – £20.50

1st Oct – 31st Dec – £10.75



Should you not have a WI in your area and have a core of friends also interested in the WI, we are always willing to start new ones.

The first year, you will keep all of your members’ subscriptions.

For further information on any of the above please email: