Pamela Livings (Acting Chairman, also Vice Chairman), Janice Baldwin, Liz Buxton, Jan Curtis, Hazel Eldred, Carole English, Sheila Gunson, Moira Jackson, Kay Lodge, Sue MacEwen, Gill Sewell and Val Stone

Arts & Leisure covers events and workshops, including the theatre, photography, poetry, literary lunches, Christmas Carol concert/services. They organise our darts tournament, inter-WI quiz tournament, walks, relaxing and informative days out, and the occasional sporting activity.


Andrea Neale (Chairman) Gay Leggett (Vice Chairman),  Ruth Hutchinson (Vice Chairman) Philippa Croft, Jo Adams,  Lindsey Peters, Denna Wallace, Angie Stephenson, Maureen Hindle and Kay Lodge.       

Public Affairs aims to help members to turn their concerns into campaigns and resolutions and then to help all WIs to support all resolutions passed at the annual meeting. ACWW AND EWAG are also supported.


Fiona Cattermole (Chairman), Julie Alen (Vice Chairman), Paulette Brabin, Jo Adams, Hazel Ridgwell, Lesley Evans, Moyra Jackson, Angela Flynn, Judith Abrams, Pauline Michaels, Margaret Cooper, Kay Lodge and Sheila Gunson

We organise day courses and demonstrations in all aspects of Cookery, Flower Arranging and a wide variety of Crafts, to appeal to as wide a cross section of members as possible, in line with the WI ethos to offer opportunities for enjoyable learning for life.

We welcome suggestions for future workshops from our members.


Jane Bird (Chairman), Jan Nash (Vice Chairman), Pat Pratley (Vice Chairman), Kay Lodge, Sheila Gunson, Jo Adams, Jan Curtis, Andrea Neale (Trainee WI Adviser Coordinator), Shirley Perkins, Angie Stephenson
WI Advisers In Training – Lindsey Peters and Diane Tyrell
MAC Helpers – Liz Buxton, Val Stone, Judith Abrams, Jane Miles, Tricia Evans.
The Membership Advisory Committee or MAC as it’s often referred to, is the Federation sub-committee that comprises of the WI Advisers, (some of whom are Federation Officers) and Trainee WI Advisers. WI Advisers are voluntary WI members who have undergone training provided by the NFWI, which enables them to help and support members in every aspect of their WI life. They provide the vital link between WIs, Federation and the National levels of the organisation.
MAC is a fully inclusive committee offering flexible working for any member to train as an Adviser regardless of her work, family or care commitments.


Sue MacEwen (Chairman), Kay Lodge, Jane Bird, Steph Smith, Jan Curtis, Val Stone, Jane Miles, Fiona Cattermole and Helen Fryer.

The Communications and Marketing sub-committee aims to promote greater use of IT and social media and to facilitate better communication and marketing between the Federation and individual WIs and to ensure correct, current information regarding organisational issues and events is available to every member in a standardized, timely format.
Furthermore, the sub-committee aims to educate, promote and encourage individual WI members to improve their own IT skills through education and support.

If any member would like to come and observe at one of our committee meetings, then please contact the WI Centre to arrange a date – you will be most welcome